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Parent Child Interaction Therapy in Pensacola, FL

If you're looking in Pensacola, FL, for parent-child interaction therapy, Adult Children & Family Counseling is an excellent choice. Our office hours are flexible, so we can see you when both you and your child are available. Our goal is to improve communication and interaction between you and your child.

Our Service

We strive to reduce your child's behavioral issues while helping you develop more effective parenting strategies. Using many different tools and techniques, we'll help you discover ways to reinforce positive behaviors and limit negative behaviors. We'll provide you with a detailed plan of action that addresses your child's specific issues. We'd like to see you and your child experience a stronger relationship due to the skills you learn in therapy.

It's time to call Adult Children & Family Counseling for your Pensacola, FL, parent-child interaction therapy. If you and your child are having difficulties, our licensed and certified counselor may be able to help you bridge the gap. Our goal for you is a healthy, happy family. We're committed to responding to you quickly, so call and schedule your initial appointment today.


Marci Shemaria, LMHC, CAP, SAP